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Generic Section

The company is currently manufacturing drugs in different dosage forms like tablets , capsules , oral liquid syrup & suspensions ,dry powder for suspension , injections , dry powder for injection , creams , ointments ,eye/ ear/ nasal drops suppositories , pessaries etc in different drug categories.

Antiretroviral Drugs : We manufacture the latest drugs for the management of viral infections/diseases in different dosage forms.

Betalactam Section

We have a specialised unit dedicated for the manufacturing of high end betalactam molecules in different dosage forms like tablets , capsules ,dry powder for suspension , dry powder for injection.

Cephalosporins Section

Our cepha. Section is capable of manufacturing the latest generations of cephalosporins in different dosage forms like tablets , capsules ,dry powder for suspension ,dry powder for injection.

Cytotoxic Section

Our Anticancer Unit at Jassur, Himachal Pradesh is equipped with the latest technology and machinery like lyophilizer, homogenisers for liposomal products etc.We manufacture the anticancer products in different dosage forms like tablets , capsules and injectables.


Research and Development continuously involved in development for global requirements. The R&D facility is fully equipped for developing up to lab scale (1/100) scaling up (1/10) and production equivalency facility.The systems for product development and documentation is well designed to meet any statutory / regulatory requirements.

We are well versed in the scientists team in various functions like formulation development, Analytical development, packing development, Quality, Regulatory, etc.Stability study as per ICH Guidelines (Accelerated & Long-term), Photostability.Tablet,Capsule,Sachets,Ointment,creams,Liquid syrup & suspension,Vials, prefilled syringes for Injectable,Ophthalmic Drops Liquid parental,Depots,Implants ,Method Development Validation.